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President Choice


60 packets

Ultimate collection of the finest nutrients from around the world in convenient packets.

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  • This is a well-balanced nutritional supplement combination of Magnus’ high quality best sellers, including Fukken, Optima Plus, Gingko CoQ10 Max, Royal Jelly Gold, Reishi, Oyster Extract with Garlic and Coral Calcium and SPORIKI. It is the most innovative combination of internationally renowned nutrients carefully gathered from around the world and as the name conveys, our president and CEO’s favorite products.

    ①ROYAL JELLY GOLD (1 tablet) –Royal Jelly is the richest single source of the B vitamin Pantothenic acid (B5). Magnus’ Royal Jelly Gold is manufactured in Japan, the country with the highest royal jelly consumption.  Our royal jelly is freeze-dried to assure freshness and potency, encapsulated into tablet form and is then coated to guard the precious ingredients. ☆Contents are inspected and quality assured by the Fairness in Trade Commission of Japan.*

    ②SPORIKI Sporiki’s main ingredient is the Soft Shell Turtle from Japan. An ancient species that is believed to have existed since pre-historical times. It has been used in China’s Kampo Medicine for over 5000 years as an elixir for long life and energy source.*

    ③Gingko CoQ10 Max (1 capsule) This is an unique supplement focused on heart, memory and vision pacjked with high grade coQ10, gingko biloba, DHA, Reishi, Lutein and essencial vitamins. For the whole family’s health.*

    ④OYSTER  EXTRACT (1 capsule) – in the West, Oyster is often referred to as “the manna from the sea” for its abundance of nutrients.  The oyster contains a well-balanced mixture of essential nutrients such as taurine, glycogen, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Odorless garlic, known as the “King of vegetables,” Coral Calcium and Vitamin C are added for increased synergistic nutrient value.*

    ⑤OPTIMA PLUS (1 tablet) – a high potency nutritional supplement containing 29 different vitamins and minerals in an exclusive herbal base of golden seal, comfrey, capsicum, licorice root, chamomile, uva ursi and rose hips now enhanced with:Lycopene, Alpha Lipoic Acid  and Grape Seed Extract!*

    ⑥FUKKEN (2 tablets) – featuring 100% Japanese Shiitake mushrooms.  The Japanese have long been aware of the extraordinary properties of the Shiitake mushroom.  This particular mushroom is the only one containing a specific polysaccharide called Lentinan.  This highly unique polysaccharide has been found to have exceptional nutritional value*

    ⑦REISHI (2 capsules) – a powerful combination of Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms.  Reishi in Japan is known as the Monkey Seat mushroom.  Reishi has been praised in Asia for more than 2000 years as a food providing an abundance of nutrients.  In ancient China, the Reishi mushroom was thought to be such a precious nutritional source that only the emperor and the most renowned noblemen were allowed to possess it.*

    • Ginkgo CoQ10 Max 1 tablet 
    • Sporiki 1 tablet 
    • Royal Jelly Gold 1 tablet 
    • Reishi Plus 2 tablets 
    • Fukken 2 tablets 
    • Black Garlic Plus 1 capsule 
    • New Optima 1 tablet

    Take 1 or more packets per day.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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President Choice

President Choice

60 packets

Ultimate collection of the finest nutrients from around the world in convenient packets.