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Traditional Japanese fruits, vegetables and roots enzyme concentrate.

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  • Dietary Supplement:
    100% Natural Fruit and Vegetable Enzymes

    Humans have the innate power to convert foods into powerful energy sources. This occurs during digestion in the intestinal walls, when foods ferment, i.e. – foods break down into smaller particles with the help of acids and enzymes – resulting in a dramatic increase in enzyme potency. As the nutrients are transported in the blood in the further-digested form of glucose (sugar), they now provide heightened strength and stamina in the body.Utilizing a patented process that replicates natural food transformation processes, Manda HI Kohso has been created to bring to you directly the amazing properties and nutrients of the natural enzymatic world.*

    An Innovative, Powerful – yet Safe - Natural Supplement

    • Careful selection of premium-quality ingredients only – over 56 different kinds of wild fruits, seeds and seaweeds in a base of brown sugar. Absolutely no chemicals, preservatives or additives. 
    • The whole plant – skin, seeds, core – is utilized to maximize the life-giving energy of the plant. 
    • Surrounded by pristine ocean and mountains in Japan, the ingredients cycle through a patented process of fermentation and maturation for four long yet bountiful years. 
    • Extremely temperature sensitive and needing calculated timing to blend the raw materials, Manda has been given the utmost care and time to create a product unparalleled elsewhere. 
    • The whole family can enjoy Manda as a daily health maintenance regimen.  
    • Enjoy Manda’s delicious flavor mixed with yogurt, as a light jam, or alone. 
    • Take one to two (1-2) teaspoonful of Manda HI Kohso daily.

    The Power Of Plants

    Plants go through a powerful continuous cycle of growth. This is called photosynthesis, whereby taking in solar energy, inorganic elements become organic bodies, i.e. plants. The solar energy taken by a leaf of a plant accounts for as much as 54,000° F a year – a magnificent accumulation of energy. Plants provide humans with unparalleled nutrients and energy unavailable anywhere else. It is this magnificent, life-affirming energy that comes bottled in Manda HI Kohso.

    What is Fermentation? Why is it Good for the body?

    When Americans hear the word fermentation, they often think “rotten,” “stinky,” “bad.” However, those associations actually refer to putrefaction. Fermentation is very good for the human body and in foods, as in the making of cheese, yogurt, miso and natto. In the human body, it’s responsible for hormone production, immune system effectiveness, vitamin production and assimilation, cholesterol metabolism and synthesis, control of glucose levels and normal bowel functioning. Fermentation is the result of healthy bacteria creating enzymes – the catalysts of all cellular activity – and that builds a healthy body. On the other hand, when putrefaction takes over, toxins and waste products that are normally eliminated from our body are retained and enter the blood. Putrefaction is the result of a structural change in bacteria, making them aggressive and destructive, leading to the body's destruction. Both chemical processes occur during digestion in the intestines.*

    A simple example that explains how the body reacts differently to fermentation and putrefaction is seen in how the digestive and elimination systems function. Under normal conditions, fermentation allows bacteria to perform a vital role in maintaining homeostasis of the body. We enjoy regular bowel movements to remove waste materials from the intestines before putrefaction overcomes fermentation. However, the results of putrefaction are seen in constipation, when the body is unable to eliminate waste materials, which changes the structure of bacteria and promotes the formation of disease in the intestines and colon. Interestingly and fortunately, diarrhea becomes the body's way of eliminating a large build up of toxicity created by putrefaction. So it is constipation that is the more serious condition. Constipation is a breakdown of natural fermentation. When intestinal flora change from fermentation to putrefaction various unwanted conditions may arise.

    The Power of Enzymes

    Miracles happen in nature when they are fed Special Enzymes

    • A chrysanthemum re-bloomed atop a dead mum 
    • A daikon-radish grew to over 6 ft, weighing over 44 lbs 
    • A pumpkin grew to over 2 yds, weighing over 104 lbs


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Manda Hi Koso

Manda Hi Koso


Traditional Japanese fruits, vegetables and roots enzyme concentrate.