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MAX Reishi extract granules


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2.5OZ(75g) granules

Red, Yellow and white authentic Naoi Reishi extract.

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  • MAX Reishi – Extract granules size 75g- 100% made in Japan.


    Super Reishi – Special Japanese Tri-color Reishi Blend Extract  (4.5:1 concentration)

    Ganoderma Lucidum, is also called “Reishi” in Japan meaning “spirit plant”. This rare mushroom has been praised throughout Asia for as long as 4,000 year history as a health supplement. .  Super Reishi extract is made from 3 kinds of specific Naoi  Reishi  species  (Red, White and Yellow) developed by the pioneer of Japan Reishi Research Center, Yukio Naoi. Each kind of Reishi possesses unique qualities and benefits our body in different ways. Reishi is widely known to support an already healthy immune system, liver and kidneys.*

    The cultivation of Naoi reishi;

    There are many ways to cultivate reishi artificially but Naoi reishi is cultivated on natural raw lumber that is similar to nature. This is a means to grow strong resilient reishi mushrooms that preserve the same qualities as the ones found in nature. The raw lumber utilized in cultivation are from the Sawtooth Oak found in Nara, Japan which are at least 10 years old and show a balanced pattern of tree rings.

    Dr. Naoi, one of Japan’s greatest reishi mushroom authorities, was the first to succeed in the cultivation of reishi in natural raw lumber from Hida Takayama. Reishi, a resilient mushroom required specific medium to grow successfully.  Dr. Naoi succeeded in creating a reishi mushroom with thick stipe and thick and wide pileus which hold most of the treasured nutrients. For that reason, Naoi resihi is also called the “King of Reishi mushrooms”, tested and approved for the highest quality at the Mie national University in Japan.

    Unlike the common reishi extract, the reishi used in Super Reishi is processed with the patented “broken cell wall” technology. This technology developed in Nagano, Japan, allows the absorption of Ganoderic Acid S and other lipid soluble precious substances which otherwise would stay trapped during digestion, making Naoi Reishi used in Pure Reishi Essence the most bio available kind.

    Serving size: 1g

    Servings per container: 75

    *Statements made on these pages have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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MAX Reishi extract granules

MAX Reishi extract granules

2.5OZ(75g) granules

Red, Yellow and white authentic Naoi Reishi extract.