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Yoho Mekabu Fucoidan+ (SET)


Buy 1 YOHO MEKABU FUCOIDAN + 120 capsules  and get 30 capsules for LESS!

Premium Fucoidan from Mekabu and Mozuku with Agaricus Blazei Murril. 

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    Fucoidan (mekabu extract) 150mg
    Fucoidan (mozuku extract) 75mg
    Agaricus Blazei mycelium powder 50mg
    Seaweeds are such valued commodity throughout Japanese history that they were even traded as tax payment some 3000 years ago in the Jomon era.

    Japanese population has one of the longest longevity in the world. Japanese diet and eating habits is accounted for most of this fact.

    Japanese diet consists mainly of products from the sea. Miso soup which is a daily staple in most households contains some kind of seaweed but usually wakame. In researching the benefit of seaweeds, and verifying the accentuated longevity in the island of Okinawa, various scientists found the functionality of fucoidan, a unique sulfated polysaccharide that supports good health and long life.
    Fucoidan is extracted from various kinds of seaweed but our product is extracted from powerful MEKABU and MOZUKU kinds.
    Mekabu is the flowering part of wakame seaweed. The ruffled, flowering sprout of wakame just above the root. It has a sticky feel to it and has a mellow sweet flavor.

    For the longest time, this part of Wakame seaweed was ignored as a less favored food ingredient but eventually, it was found that Mekabu is indeed a treasure chest of nutrients, extremely rich in a functional compound called Fucoidan. Because of its nature as a flowering bud, Mekabu has the highest concentration of beneficial polysaccharide sulfates than any other seaweed.

    Mozuku, is another kind of seaweed very popular in Japan. The people in Okinawa were found to consume the highest per capita amount of mozuku in the world.

    Okinawa has more people over 100 years old per 100,000 population than anywhere else in the world

    • the lowest death rates from cancer, heart disease and stroke 
    • the highest life expectancy for both males and females over 65 
    • females in Okinawa have the highest life expectancy in all age groups

    Agaricus Blazei Murill (Hime-matsutake) is a fairly new species of mushroom that has attracted the attention of many scientists in the world.

    It grows spontaneously in Piedade highlands of southeastern Brazil, where it is known as "Cogumelo de Deus" or Mushroom of Gods. Due to the special environmental conditions required, its cultivation has only been possible a few decades ago and is now practiced in Japan and some parts of South America and China. Conditions for growth of this mushroom are high temperature, much humidity, purified air, nutrient rich soil, little rain in the evenings.

    Artificial cultivation of this Brazilian mushroom was achieved for the first time in the world by Iwade Fungology Institute (founder: Dr. Inosuke Iwade, a professor at Tokyo University and Mie University) after many trials and errors. This mushroom was presented by professors Hitoshi Ito, Keishiro Shimura and Sensuke Naruse of mushroom research group at Mie University medical school as a highlight at the "the 39th General Meeting of Japanese Cancer Academy" in 1980

    About Fucoidan utilized in YOHO:

    • Has the highest content of fucose followed by galactose, mannose and other polysaccharide sulfates.
    • Only the best mekabu from wakame (Undaria Pinnatifida) and mozuku (Cladosiphon Okamuranus) from pristine environments in Japan are used to extract fucoidan.
    • Both Mekabu and Mozuku are rich in fucoidan but different kinds of Fucoidan vary in its polysaccharide structure composition and have different kinds of functionality. We decided to utilize these 2 sources because they complement each other’ s benefits to create a comprehensive product.
    • Manufactured by a renowned Japanese supplement lab with more than 60 years history and owns branches throughout Europe, Americas and Asia.
    • Extensive research and medical publications on functionality and quality.

    About Agaricus Blazei Murill utilized in YOHO

    • We use a specific high quality Agaricus Blazei Murril extract : Iwade strain 101, very rich in rare Beta-1,3-D-glucans and Beta-1,6-D-glucans as well as proteo-glucans and estradiol.
    • Broken cell wall technology allows for the highest absorption of these compounds
    • More than 10 medical and manufacturing process patents in Japan, US and Europe.
    • Extensive research and medical publications on functionality and quality.

    Questions and answers to be directed to Doctor Ito at interview:

    Q: Can you tell us about your studies on Fucoidan?

    A: I immersed myself in sea greens research for about 10 years and have exposed the results in various medical venues. My daughter, Dr. Hiroko Ito was so fascinated by fucoidan that her graduating thesis was on this subject. My various researches show the benefit of fucoidan . Following Fucoidan, I pursued the benefits of various mushrooms as Shitake and Reishi and for the longest time, I am studying the functionality of Agaricus Blazei Murill.

    Fucoidan is a precious substance that is extracted from the wakame and mozuku seaweed amongst other seaweeds which the Japanese eat on a daily basis. This is wakame. The best fucoidan is found on the Mekabu which is the flowering part of wakame seaweed. Mozuku is another great source of fucoidan. Mozuku is a brown algae found in abundance in Okinawa in the south of Japan. As you know, Okinawans are famous for their great health and longevity. Although carrying the same name: Fucoidan, the functionality differs depending on their polysaccharide structure composition.

    Fucoidan is a polysaccharide with unique characteristics of immune modulation. Extensive studies have been conducted around the world and especially in Japan that show the benefit of fucoidan in the immune system as well as digestive system and they can be easily verified on pub med and other great medical reports.

    Many medical institutions in Japan are increasingly turning their attention to natural healing methods using functional supplements . One of the most popular supplements is Fucoidan. The other is Agaricus Blazei Murill.

    Q: What is Agaricus Blazei Murill?

    A: Agaricus is a very intriguing kind of mushroom originally found in Brazil . Very delicate and demands highly controlled environment to grow. This mushroom in Japan is called Himematsutake (princess mushroom) because of its delicate appearance.
    Like Fucoidan, Agaricus also has immune modulation characteristics that benefit the immune system. Agaricus main functional nutrients are Beta-1,3-D-glucans and Beta-1,6-D-glucans. These are potent immune protectors.

    Q: I heard that the cell walls of Agaricus are very hard. Why is it important to have the cell walls broken?

    A: We hold the patent for the broken cell technology which was an innovative process in the industry. By breaking the cell walls, Agaricus’ nutrients are released and can be readily absorbed when ingested. Without the broken cells, there’s no possibility to fully utilize its contents.


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Yoho Mekabu Fucoidan+ (SET)

Yoho Mekabu Fucoidan+ (SET)

Buy 1 YOHO MEKABU FUCOIDAN + 120 capsules  and get 30 capsules for LESS!

Premium Fucoidan from Mekabu and Mozuku with Agaricus Blazei Murril. 

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