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About us

Shizen to Hito Company is an online shopping site created with the vision of bringing health and harmonious co existence with nature by the social volunteer oriented company in Japan called Yugenkaisha Life with more than 20 years of history.

Today, it has become harder and harder to select the best supplement amongst a sea of options worldwide.  Our long time customers voiced their wish to know the highest quality and truly safe products, therefore, to respond to their wish, we decided to create Shizen to Hito which in Japanese means “The Nature and the Person”.

We selected the products by carefully examining the quality, content and reliability of the manufacturers. We handle only products that have originality, are unique, and have consistent quality.

To start Shizen to Hito, we chose US based companies: Magnus and Shureihi's products which source their products from the most traditional and successful manufacturers in Japan.

Most products sold at this website are made in Japan made from Japanese local raw materials that have cleared quality and safety standards. I am confident that our customers will surely be pleased with them.


The staff of Shizen to Hito pledge:


1.To always select natural products

2.Create balanced and nutrient rich products

3.Seek the highest quality nutrients

4.To support their own health with adequate exercise

5.To appreciate the air we breathe and all people in our environment

6.To sustain a mind that seeks good nutrients and wisdom to choosing them

7.Live with a positive attitude and open heart


We pray and work for your long life and happiness!

Yukie Hayashi